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Terry Mardi Group (TMG) has been building credible relationships with Youth since 1999. For 15 years now, our founder Terry Mardi has strived to promote equality, diversity and fair balance in the domain of popular culture in the western world.

Terry Mardi Group (TMG) is a privately owned group of interwoven business brands that puts creating value ahead of making profits. TMG started life in Britain with our founders' vision to encourage multiculturalism by "putting brown people on the media map". British Asian's make up the largest ethnic minority group in the UK (7.5% of the total population according to the Office of National Statistics) and yet intercultural understanding still leaves much to be desired. Over the years TMG have become experts in reaching the global South Asian youth diaspora, using the power of music, film, fashion, comedy, technology, video game culture and the arts for deeper engagement. TMG restlessly serves the creative community and creates media platforms (digital, terrestrial, educational and experiential) to help the content creators engage directly with the public and vice versa. Facilitating the positioning of positive role models and empowering values for the youth to adopt for future communal prosperity.

Although we are a group of private businesses, we behave like a non-profit organisation (NPO), reinvesting in the South Asian youth diaspora worldwide. We choose to serve the communities we represent rather than shareholders financial interests, our shareholders are cool with that! :}) Terry Mardi's activities have invested and reinvested over £2.5m of private funds into the British Asian music Industry since 1999 with the sole aim to empower the creative young minds and visionaries who can shape a more cohesive and collaborative creative ecosystem. TMG has developed some of the most important Asian Music Industry platforms since 1999, resulting in mainstream music chart success, national broadcast of Asian music on mainstream television and vastly increased visibility of Asians in media to assist the end of social ignorance and smash stereotypes. As the pioneering force internationally in Asian Music Publishing, AMP encourages musicians to invest in their 'AMP pension plan' by exercising their rights to royalties and together with Asian Music Seminar which spearheads educational programmes worldwide for the music industry, both new and established. TMG truly believes in the concept of equal opportunities for all. Terry Mardi Group proudly signed the Equality and Diversity Charter in 2012 with UK Music (The industry-backed group pushes the key business and political agenda of the music business within Westminster, with senior corporate leaders and the media).

We understand the youth because we are the youth. Terry Mardi Group ventures are owned and run by young, driven visionaries who understand what is needed to rewrite the blueprint for youth development in an ever-changing modern society. It is essential to be nimble, agile and relevant to the youth's needs in today's technology driven age. Sustainability is at the fore of every TMG idea, road tested to outlive it's founders, we thrive on serving the young innovators of today as well as the unborn generation.

Every organisation and project at TMG is born out of a fundamental demand or an undeniable need for its existence. TMG has created and developed some of the most important independent platforms to accelerate the profile of Asians into the western society. We believe in fusion and mutually beneficial collaborations resulting in win-win scenarios for all contributing partners. As Asia continues to emerge as the world's next super economy it is paramount that relationships between east and west are nurtured. Terry Mardi Group (TMG) and it's various ventures, active in over 13 major territories globally; specialise in building credible and meaningful relationships with the Non-Resident Indian (NRI) youth as well as Pakistani, Sri Lankan and Bangladeshi youth living around the world who still share values and ideals that connect them with their motherland. TMG truly bridges the youth gap between east and west.

TMG insists on the use of good ethics and strong values. Our vision is to create a self sustaining eco-system that can propel Asian role models into the global media stratosphere as well as procure the local investment required to help those less fortunate on the ground. For this we shall need to create more leaders. It is these leaders, the tastemakers, who shall positively impact the world at large. We make tastemakers therefore we are tastemaker-makers. Thanks to our visionaries and partners, Terry Mardi Group, just like our founders’ Moustache, grows a little bigger organically everyday.

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